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Monzanto Sound, 3peace, and deathcrash

Monzanto Sound3Peace and deathcrash are all playing a show together at The George Tavern on Tuesday 9th October. £4 OTD

Monzanto Sound -

"Monzanto Sound is a Krautrock/noise project where 90s Warp Electronica meets hard UK beats. Their organic, improvised approach uses the form of dance music and puts it in the hands of the psychedelic. Influenced by breakbeat, techno and Can, Monzanto generate a ghostly, hypnotic atmosphere with their sound."


'3peace fuse the textures and weight of electronic music with the harmony and improvisation of jazz - once described as a meeting point between Drexciya's electro constructions and Marc Moulin's group Placebo. Drawing equally from breaks, fusion and free-jazz as from acid, ambient and beyond, the trio embark on shape-shifting and dance-ready excursions into the liminal spaces between musical axes.'

LDN trio - Nat Philipps, Pike Ogilvy, Sam Bates

deathcrash used to be called NÜT.