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Krautrock Karaoke

Krautrock Karaoke--
Since its birth in March 2013 this long, loud and anarchic night has provided a space for disciplined hedonism and indulgent improvisation of a strictly kaleidoscopic order.

KK invite musicians to perform krautrock songs from CAN, NEU!, FAUST etc LIVE!

'KK Rules'
There are hundreds of amazing krautrock tunes but we can't just play all the songs and musicians need to know at least basic chord progression of the song. 
If you have song in your mind that want to hear live, just post it on this event wall and most 'Liked" song will be performed by finest musicians around in town. 
We will play the song in decreasing order of the number of ”Liked" they got.

Musicians and DJ TBA

Later Event: November 30
KurbKult at The George Tavern