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Bad Cop Pres: Legss, Static Personality, Baby Blue Aura, Fatberg

Bad Cop is a new night dedicated to showing the latest indie and post punk music. We put on bands we like and bands were most likely affiliated with....

Legss, the band of merry men with a mission to bring poetry to the forefront. It's as if Half Man Half Biscuit and Pavement had a baby.

Static Personality are an indie rock band with penultimate climaxes, ironically never Static, and bring the sexy party vibes always, with influences ranging from The Strokes, The Cure, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and ABBA

Baby Blue Aura the world’s first postmodern rock band™. inspired by ellie bleach and nurse with wound.

Fatberg the drain blocking' rock n' roll from Southeast London, Fatberg have an abundance of energy and are probably the best band in the world so that old Carlsberg ad states.