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The Fire Waits Release Concert

UPDATE! ---- Before you all start going on about the time zone being wrong, I was in Boston MA when I created this event and for some daft reason you can't set the timezone outside to where you are. REST ASSURED we will be adhering to good old GMT.

Come on down to what I know will be a very good evening.

To mark the release of the album "The Fire Waits," I will be performing the album in it's entirety, live, with a full band.

I am incredibly proud of this piece and can't wait to show you the results of what has been an incredibly long process.

If you are coming, please follow the link below and pre-book your tickets as it's quite an intimate venue and I wouldn't want you to be disappointed.

As well as music from my band, we also have the very talented Anthony James playing with his band and DJ Rodney Breeze playing awesome music into the night to get the party going.