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TuttiFrutti Cabaret

Tragic Diva Nina Divina Has Travelled Non-Stop Over A Gigantic Mango For Forty-Five Years All Around The Globe!
She is now ready to bring to you the best and fiercest females for A Tuttifrutti Cabaret Night!!!

Featuring original material from the worlds of comedy, clown, circus, stand up commedy, impro and bouffon.

A Tuttifrutti Cabaret is a chance to enjoy an all female cabaret night with a unique international twist.

Hosted by

The hostesse maitresse Nina Divina


Psycho Delia

Julie Nesher

Shea Wojtus

Hannah Winter

Hellen Duff

Donna J

and possibily even more!

Message of the month of july:

It's hot, isn'it?
I mean also the weather. Commedy can be refreshing.
Laughing is the medicine of all the troubles.
If you have any of those troubles you will be cured immediately.
We will share joy, happiness and fresh fruits.
And you will take all you can and you will be playing.
If you are shy you will be open, like a juicy and sweet watermelon with no seeds, you will shine in the sunshine and sleep on the moon and we will take care of you.
Because your joy is all we need.


The List , Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

"…we were often surprised, things took different turns and there was plenty to enjoy and even be fascinated by…Plenty of comedy, cheeky one-liners, wit and a bit of rule-breaking – the ingredients of good, offbeat cabaret… left the audience clapping with delight …."

Paul Levy from Fringe Review

“I felt like I was sixteen again in the bedroom laughing with my girlfriends”

Francesco Porcu, an audience member

Watch the trailer!

What you need to know:

Book online if you can to make sure you have a ticket because the venue is quiet small.

Doors opens at 8 PM
Grab a drink and then find a sit close to a friend of to a stranger.

Show starts at 8.30 PM